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6 Google My Business listing tips

This month, we’re going to share tips for optimizing your Google My Business listing. If you’re not familiar with this free service, Google My Business puts your business on the map, literally.

People searching on Google or Google Maps will see your business when their searched terms match products or services your business offers. Searchers can see your business’s brick and mortar physical location, phone number, website, reviews, and more. It’s a powerful service to help bring customers to your storefront.

You want your business to stand out and we’going to show you some quick and easy things you can do to stand above the competition:

Complete your profile

Sounds simple, right? However, you might be surprised how many businesses listed Google My Business don’t include their website or leave out their contact number. Make sure you take the time to fill out your profile completely.

Make sure your information is correct

Making sure people can visit your shop or website, or call your business, depends on information being accurate. Make sure your address, phone number, and website are all correct. If you’re signing in to Google My Business regularly (usually once a week), Google will proactively prompt for some pieces of missing information. For example, when holidays approach, you may see a nudge to define special hours for the coming holiday. If your business is closed on that holiday, take the time to let Google know and local searchers know you’re closed. If you don’t, someone visiting your business on a closed day could result in a negative review.

Use your branded logo image on your listing

This one seems straight-forward, but going the extra mile can help users trust your brand and encourage users to click through your photos or even pay a visit to your website.  To stand out, you add variations of your logo (if applicable). Here at Expander, our main logo is blue text with a white background. We also have a logo variation with white text and a blue background, as seen on our Twitter account. Both of these logos are on our Google My Business listing, along with a few other variations. We also recommend using a branded logo for both your profile and cover photo.

Use keyword-rich filenames for your photos

Make sure your filenames include targeted keywords for your brand or your niche. We recommend using Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research. Once you’ve figured out keywords for your brand or niche, you can rename your image files with the appropriate keywords and upload them to your Google My Business profile.

Select the right category

Google My Business lets you choose a Primary category and add Additional categories if you want. When you go to set the Primary category, start typing the category, Google will provide a list of one to choose. Choose the category that best fits your business.

Use multiple categories when appropriate

If it makes sense, use additional categories if applicable. A best practice is to use as few categories as possible, but some businesses can fall within multiple categories.

Josh Gellock

Josh is the principal SEO consultant at Expander Digital, an SEO studio he founded in 2014. He's been in the SEO space since 2011 and helps businesses manage their SEO through projects, consultations, and campaigns. When he’s not meeting with clients, you can find Josh spending time with his children or on a bike.

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