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How to get your brand ranked in search with WordPress

Establishing your brand name is an extremely important aspect of building an online presence. When people search for your organization’s name, you’re going to want to show up in the search results.

Search results for Expander Digital

In this article, I’ll walk you through a few WordPress-specific steps you can take to put your brand in a better position to show up when users search for your organization on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

I’ve included some screenshots in this post, as I find them to be helpful. As usual, just click on the image to access a high-resolution picture.

Let’s get started!

Set your Site Title

This one is simple but important: set the site title. This title identifies your website. Go to Settings > General > Site Title in WordPress, enter your organization’s name, and save the settings.

Site Title in WordPress General Settings

Include your brand on important pages

Optimizing your home page, about page, and contact page titles can help those pages, and your brand, stand out in organic search results to those searching your brand name. These pages are especially important for those who’ve made a decision to turn to your brand for a product or service and are using search to reach out and connect with your business. Since that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure when a potential customer searches your brand name, these pages are well-branded and show up in search results.

Check out some of our examples:

  • Our home page title: Expander Digital – Get SEO that works (brand name leads the title)
    Important: Notice how the brand name leads and the title is Expander Digital – Get SEO that works instead of Get SEO that works – Expander Digital. Your home page title should lead with the brand name.
  • Our about page title: About Expander Digital – An SEO studio based in Pennsylvania (brand name doesn’t lead but is included)
  • Our contact page title: Contact Expander Digital – See how we can help your SEO (brand name doesn’t lead but is included)

To make sure these pages are well-branded for search, you’ll need to update the title tags on those pages. To update your title tags, you’ll need an SEO plugin activated on your WordPress website. Thankfully, there are several SEO plugins in today’s market: Yoast, RankMath, the All in One SEO Pack, and others. Any of these plugins enable you to change the title tags for pages and posts in WordPress.

Add your brand to content (where it makes sense)

You can go a step further in by making sure your content includes your brand in specific places.

Include your brand in your footer

This might seem simple, but small improvements help! Your website should already have a copyright, but make sure your brand is included. It’s a simple way to make sure all pages on your website have a minimum association with your brand.

Here’s ours:
Expander Digital footer section

Add your brand at the tail of blog post titles

Adding your brand name to the tail of blog post titles with your brand name can also help your brand show up in search. The other side of this coin is sometimes you’re not going to be able to include your brand name. Your title might be too long and not optimized for SEO if the brand is included. For example, the title, How to add Google Analytics to a WordPress website – Expander Digital, is beyond the optimal title length for SEO. Because including the brand pushed the title passed the optimal character length, the title is simply, How to add Google Analytics to a WordPress website. Sometimes it makes sense to include the brand and other times it might make more sense to leave it off, like when the title is too long.

Pro tip: Use online tools like Portent’s SERP Preview Tool to see if your title is the optimal length for SEO. We also like Moz’s tool as well!

Leverage SEO plugin structured data functionality

Popular SEO plugins, like Yoast and the All in One SEO Pack, offer structured data functionality options. You can and should use these functions to add Organization structured data to your website.  The plugin will add the structured data for you and can help search engines like Google and Bing better understand your website content. Organization Schema includes Logo structured data and the markup can help Google display a Knowledge Panel about your business (with an included logo).

Yoast makes setting this up incredibly easy:

Search Appearance settings in Yoast

If you’re not sure how to set up this functionality with your SEO plugin, you should be able to find information and instructions on the plugin website.

Wrap up

Now you have some clear steps you can take in WordPress to improve your brand’s presence in organic search! If you find yourself struggling with implementing any of the steps I discussed here, or want to dive into this topic a bit deeper, consider reaching out to us for a discussion over coffee. I’d love to help you!

Josh Gellock

Josh is the principal SEO consultant at Expander Digital, an SEO studio he founded in 2014. He's been in the SEO space since 2011 and helps businesses manage their SEO through projects, consultations, and campaigns. When he’s not meeting with clients, you can find Josh spending time with his children or on a bike.

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